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Miss Lala Presents

Les Polka Dots Eco Scrunchie

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Each Les Polka Dots iadorable scrunchie is sustainably made from leftover  peachskin jersey (the parts cutaway when cutting necklines and armholes etc). These small pieces are then printed with Self-Love Hearts prints using sublimation print techniques and vegan and eco-certified friendly dyes) and then hand sewn into a retro ruched scrunchie. Now you can co-ordinate your hair acccessories with your swimwear or sweatshirt in a full on late 80s/early 90s style! Hurrah for working towards zero fabric waste! 


. Comes with removable bow
• Smooth and stretchy fabric outside, elastic inside
• Made of leftover materials
• One size
• Removable bow detail

Size guide

One size (inches) 2
One size (cm) 5