The Cameo Silhouette design holds a very special place in my heart. The inspiration for the cameo portrait motif came from several framed antique 19th-century black paper cutouts that I inherited from my great aunt.

 The original Cameo Silhouette portrait was flocked in black velvet onto knickers crafted of luscious peach French stretch silk satin. This piece was my first design to sell into the luxury department store Harrods in London’s Knightsbridge. It truly made me feel that Miss Lala Presents had been put on the map and sealed with an international glitterati stamp of approval. Miss Lala had arrived, and I was riding along on her magnificent coat tails.

 I wanted to bring the regal nature of this cameo portrait of a lady, with her magnificent updo, to a swimsuit and activewear print. It’s just as luxurious as the original velvet lingerie, but durable and easy-care for everyday wear. Think of it as regencycore for the beach, or the best of Bridgerton’s ball season on a swimsuit.

 The Cameo Silhouette collection is available in a delicate shade of blue inspired by antique porcelain and also in the perennial favorite, classic black.





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