Fine Rees aka Miss Lala in Miss Lala’s Boudoir In Primrose Hill 2006

                                             © Oliver Lim 

Miss Lala Presents Mission Statement 
To create and sell lingerie that will make you feel like the star of an all singing, all dancing Technicolor Busby Berkeley musical. Glamorous, retro inspired, fun, colourful, luxurious, silky underthings, which will put a smile on your face on the most overcast of days. Turning rain into rainbows. Unabashedly feminine frilly frou-frou garments with bows on! All of my garments are produced in factories with an ethics certificate and all employees are paid a living wage.
About Designer And Founder Fine Rees AKA Miss Lala 
Bonjour mes darlings! My name is Fine Rees (pronounced Feena) and I’m a half British, half Danish, ex-actress who worked in Copenhagen, Los Angeles and London. Delighted to meet you! Once upon a time, back in 2009 I was the founder of two joyously glamorous London  Lingerie And Lifestyle boutiques called Miss Lala’s Boudoir. One in North London’s leafy Primrose Hill and one on Monmouth Street in the heart of Covent Garden. They were inspired by a combination Of Parisien Showgirl chic and Old Hollywood Glamour.                                                            
My Lingerie Label 
I had a successful lingerie label, Miss Lala Presents (launched in 2006), which was sold by luxury department stores Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge, Selfridges London, Fortnum & Mason and Fenwick Bond Street. It was also stocked by fine independent lingerie boutiques from Copenhagen and Paris to Sydney, LA and New York. My lingerie icon Chantal Thomass had named it one to watch at the Salon International De La Lingerie. I had a cult celebrity following with Scarlett Johannson proclaiming she loved our ‘cute little bloomers’ and vogue model and It girl Ben Grimes claiming the bra was the best fit she’d ever come across. Regulars Gwen Stefani And Helena Bonham Carter had been photographed by paparazzi laden down with my cute blue and pink bags.  I had enough glorious press coverage to paper my boutiques many times over.      
My Battle With Lyme Disease
But during my wonderful and exceptionally hectic 6 years in business my health had been slowly deteriorating from a mystery illness and by the January of 2010 I found myself completely bedbound. I had to close my shops, put my lingerie label on hold, give up my apartment in London and move in with my parents in the countryside so that they could care for me. I finally received a diagnosis of complications due to Late Stage Lyme Disease and Co-Infections. I have spent the past 8 years bedbound/housebound and in and out of clinics and hospitals receiving treatment thanks to a GoFundMe campaign backed by incredibly kind family, friends, customers and lingerie industry collegues. I am still a disabled, mostly housebound, wheelchair user but I’m slowly improving and I am beyond thrilled to finally be back, in a small way, selling my frou frou frillies once more.  I hope that as my health continues to improve, my business will continue to expand with new lines of my own and the appearance of guest lingerie brands. Beaucoup de love and kisses, Miss Lala  xx                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
To read more about my battle with Lyme Disease 
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To contact me please email at  misslala@misslalapresents.co.uk