Delivery and Shipping

Prices include all World Wide Taxes And Import Duties 

Free Worldwide Shipping on orders over £75

Shipping Costs on orders under £75:-

  • U.K.                     £3.95   (5-10 business days)
  • U.S.A.               £3.95   (3-6 business days)
  • Australia            £5.95   (10-21business days)
  • Canada             £3.95    (4-7 business days) 
  • E.U. Countries    £3.95    (5-10 business days) 
  • Rest of Europe  £3.95   (10-20 business days)  
  • Japan                £5.95   (8-12 business days) 
  • Rest of World    £8.95   (10-25 business days)
  • Asia                   £8.95   (7-15 business days) 
  • South America  £8.95   (3-14 business days)  


    We will provide a full refund for any item(s) within 28 days from the date your order is delivered. Please view our Returns page for more information.

    NB. Unforeseen delays may occur due to changing Covid19 Restrictions. 

    Your order will be dispatched from your nearest geographical location-Latvia for UK and E.U orders or the U.S for U.S Canada, Australia and New Zealand. For all other countries, your parcel will be dispatched from the location which is geographically closest to you.