Gingham Check Pleated Heart Chocolate Box


Gingham, beloved by fashionistas the world over and a staple of every chic European woman’s wardrobe since 1959. That was the year Brigitte Bardot’s pink-and-white gingham check wedding dress shot to fame on the cover of every fashion publication worldwide.

Looking back, I find it simply inconceivable that I, Miss Lala, didn’t present a single gingham lingerie collection in the noughties! I mean, picnics are quite literally my all-time favourite outdoor activity! And my wardrobe is full of these adorable checks in all colours.

So it’s high time I proudly present to you my Pique-nique Gingham Chocolate Box collection! 

Gorgeous gingham, popping with vivid color and gleaming white, adorned with trompe l’oeil photographic pleated satin heart motifs…. Why I do believe this might be the single most delightful pairing of this charming check since Dorothy wore her blue gingham dress with her red ruby slippers in 1939’s ‘The Wizard of Oz’ !


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