Sustainability and Ethics Statement

Things have changed a great deal since I put my first designs into production back in 2006. Back then I had no idea that fashion would go on to become one of the most polluting industries in the world. 

We now all know that every purchase, big or small, has a footprint. I now have an ongoing commitment to reduce my impact on the planet, from the way I choose to manufacture to the way I package and ship my designs to you.

Each year at Miss Lala Presents, I aim to become a greener, more sustainable brand. 

With my new designs I have made the following positive changes :-

Print And Make To Order

Firstly, instead of producing hundreds of a style and then selling them, I am now working on a ‘Made To Order’ basis with a ethical and responsible print and production partner. This means that not a single meter of fabric is printed until your order is placed and you are choosing far less fabric waste than conventional manufacturing produces and there are no 'end of season' leftover items going to landfill. The good news for you is that I can offer more colour and print options which means I can make very limited numbers of each style so you receive a truly exclusive piece. 

Saving water

My print partners use digital and sublimation printing methods on my original exclusively designed in-house prints. Digital printing saves billions of litres of water each year! Traditional rotary screen printing can use 40-60 litres of water per metre. Water is also not needed for fixing digitally printed garments - they are fixed simply with heat.I alos offer Organic Cotton sweatshirts, Tees and Tote bags-this fabric uses a fraction of the water which traditional cotton uses. 


I aim to be as transparent as possible, and am committed to ensuring ethical and fair-labor practices within my own operations and seek and expect my suppliers to do the same. 

Packaging and Plastic 

As of May 2021, I’ve switched from boxes, tissue paper and ribbon to using packaging made of post-consumer recycled plastics for all apparel orders. I also offer a collection of Eco Bikinis which utilise recycled nylon made from recycled plastic bottles. 

Shipping Local Fulfillment 

The majority of my orders are distributed by my print partners from the same continent in which they are fullfilled-the E.U or the U.S .This allows faster shipping times, lower shipping costs and avoids import duty. Most importantly it also helps with reducing the carbon emissions associated with shipping worldwide.